For researchers

In 2015, the iBerry Study was founded to learn more about social, emotional and behavioral development during adolescence. This longitudinal cohort study follows 1022 adolescents from the Rotterdam Rijnmond region in the Netherlands. Potential participants were derived from the general population and selected in collaboration with Child and Family Center Rijnmond. Participating adolescents were invited with one or both of their parents for a baseline visit consisting of interviews, questionnaires, neuropsychological tests, and biological measurements to assess several determinants of psychopathology. Participants and one of their parents are invited for a follow-up visit every few years. The baseline measurement was completed in 2019 (N=1022). The first follow-up measurement was concluded at the beginning of 2022, with 807 of our initial 1022 participants returning. Currently, adolescents are invited for the second follow-up visit. A description of the cohort profile can be found here

The iBerry study is initiated and financed by the Epidemiological and Social Psychiatric Research institute (ESPRi). ESPRI is a network of organizations including the Erasmus MC University Medical Center (Department of Psychiatry) together with mental health care organizations in the south-western part of the Netherlands.

The iBerry Study is open to many different types of research collaborations. For more information or to pursue a research collaboration, contact dr. Nina Grootendorst at